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Rose & Thorn

In life's journey, "One who wants a rose must respect the thorn." -Persian proverb

So we all have our goals in which we want to achieve. Do you think it's that simple? We see other people making the journey look easy. How could this be so?
From my own understanding of this, let me break things down the way I hope that you comprehend.
Taking it back to the 60's, Huey Newton (formed the Black Panther Party in 1966) fought for justice for the black people against police brutality and racism. He studied the law of California. So if indeed and when he was approached with what was against the law (of what a black man wasn't allowed to do), he would always be equipped with knowledge of the justice system to fight back and defend what he stood for. The journey this young man traveled obviously has shown that the message was clear and that it was getting through to people. Mr. Newton faced many mountains and valleys. Could we as "Americans" assume we know all o…