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Invisible Children


Temper, Tenor and Trend: The Words You Use

It's the words you use That hurt and cut so deep They make the sky turn from blue to grey Sticks and stones may break my bones, yes But it's your words that make my bruises permanent
If you love me so right
Why do I scream at night I'm in love with you but You don't see all the damage you've caused in me I've been committed, devoted, believing and loving you
What comes before or in place of me When I feel myself sinking Are you available to save me from drowning Once uplifted, by your hand or another Walking on eggshells becomes a draining task
A clear day becomes foggy Midst covers my eyes I'm afraid to move forward I become stagnant and may wander But I don't want to crash again
It's the words you use That hurt and cut so deep It's the words you use That chisel away at my heart It's the words you use

I Shouldn't

So I shut my eyes as tightly as I couldBelieving it would stop the tears from falling Opened my eyes a little and the hope of having anything slipped right from my hand Then it became evident from the tears that fell endlessly That my pillow was the only thing that could carry the pain that I was releasing
I slowly and undoubtedly crumbled inside I saw it in his eyes that things had fallen apart Everything that was once beautiful seem to have no purpose anymore
I thought reaching up to heaven, God would lend me his hand to comfort this Instead I crawled myself into a ball and screamed over and over again inside and out loud How could something I believed in so strongly dissappear right in front of me I look around and see how much damage has been made and although I want to so badly fix it, I'm not sure how But in the corner of my mind, a piece of him remains untainted
I shouldn't miss him but I do I shouldn't resent him but I do I shouldn't still be in love with him but I am

The Chill

I've seem to run across this coldness before in my home Never has it been so clear since the day you stepped out the door You were here on several occasions, the last time was more recent (thank you for the memory) Your presence and energy was warm and far more memorable
I had become numb to the chill within these walls Forgot how good it felt to be in the presence of you I counted on artificial counter parts to appease me in your absence It was a waste of time every time So you returned with a smile that sparked the flame Your hugs allowed it to remain
But shortly after you left, I was once again alone This time I felt the brittle cold meet at my bones I missed you deeply, more than I could have imagined Wanting you to be close to me every hour Because now, with or without the increase in degrees It remained cold in here and now I could feel the difference Only you could bring me warmth