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To Just Listen

I "waste" my time to hear your voice
Only to receive a phone call wishing me goodnight
A needle to the heart every time
Why do I allow the disappointment
Does it ever seem to hurt enough to beg for difference
Is what my heart will ask

And if it were I, as it has been many times
I could never muster up the strength to let you go
Or to shun you away because of my exhaustion
Rather, I will wake up late into the night
Or early before the sun kissed the folage on the tree
To just listen

#13- Dont Get Mad At Me

Alright, here is the situation...
He has this massive collection of amazing books whenever pople come to the house and see this collection, they get interested and want to borrow the book... Okay, so what he'll do is create a list of books that are out of "the library," books on loan if you will. Nevermind that I'm the love of his life, he'll do the same thing to me. If I want to read a particular book, he'll write my name down on the list. After the book is back on the shelf, he'll grab this little sheet of paper and scratch my name off. Good grief is what I'm saying.

Just the Other Night (May 21):
((Ring)) ((Ring))
me- hello?
him- hey babe, do you have my Birth of a Nation book?
me- no.
him- I promise you do.
me- no, I dont.
him- yes you do. you need to look around and find it and if its in your car your ass in grass.
me- (laughing) dont get mad at me because you dont know what you did with the book.
him- im not home yet, dont get it twisted, if its not there,…

Bed Blanket and Pillow

I made my attempt tonight to resist the yearn
In the essence of you my bed blanket and pillow did the calling
Requesting to do things that we dare not do or mention
Promising myself to you I turned away
Without hesitation or resistance it became more determined
In the essence of you my bed blanket and pillow did the calling
Requesting that it hold me and keep me warm in your absence
I fell deeply without wondering thoughts or fear
I allowed it to do what it said it would
-Laying my body down onto a firm foundation
Like your hands that my beating heart rest in
-Covered in the blanket made of cotton balls
Full of plush, life and durability
Like your body that comforts my composition
-And damn the pillow for giving me the support I needed
Because afterward I fell in love
With and for all the words that have been spoken
and all that haven't yet been said can this only be explained
It was the bed blanket and pillow that did the calling
I have spent more days with you than any body else
I will spend more t…

#12- Part II: Wolverine

We came home one evening, tired from all of our running around. With the exception of all my tiredness I walked in and set my bags down on the kitchen table. I walked into the kitchen, turned the faucet on, reached over to the bottle of soap and poured a little of it into the palm of my left hand. While the testing the water with my right hand, I placed both hands underneath the water and began to wash my hands. Thank goodness he went ahead and took the fish out the freezer from earlier. We were both hungry and I was ready to cook us dinner and get it over with- so I could relax with him.
Cooked- Ate- Cleaned the Kitchen
After we finished eating and cleaning the kitchen we found our way back to the couch and plopped down like two fat kids who just finished playing street football. He quickly made the suggestion to go ahead and jump in the shower so we could settle ourselves into bed. So, thats what I did. On my return to the bedroom, I found him in bed with the covers up to his neck; l…

Winning With You

every time i look at you i can't ever seem to get enough of you
talking about the way you walk, talk, smile or breathe when you sleep
you give me the best of you, speak truth even if it leaves me blue
returning with confidence, confirmation and assurance
that then emphasizes the reason i gave my heart to you in the first place
this love thing between you and i fell into slow pace
so instead of pushing and forcing to get to the end
we found the beauty in finding no need for
the materiality and tactility of lust and greed amongst other things
i found that winning with you is simply learning and understanding