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My Declaration

I am with you right here today
and the next and all the days following

Here is my declaration
You are the only one I ever think about
The last person I think of before I go to sleep
And the first thing on my mind when I wake up
I can say we've been through some things
We've seen good and better days
We've had some sleepless nights
Our pillows have shared the load of our pain
We push and demand truth and venerability
The devil ain't the winner here
Imbued with dedication and fortitude
Being together isn't an option
We become more than a sine qua non
Now I can admit it, I may not also do right
But deep down I know enough to know that you're Mr. Right
It's not in my character to lie, cheat or steal
I'm not like other women who have to loose a man to realize he's Real
You prove to me again and again
That you're my perfect fairytale

The real world doesn't present things that way
But having you in my life makes it feel that way