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Lilac Sink


My Declaration

I am with you right here today
and the next and all the days following

Here is my declaration
You are the only one I ever think about
The last person I think of before I go to sleep
And the first thing on my mind when I wake up
I can say we've been through some things
We've seen good and better days
We've had some sleepless nights
Our pillows have shared the load of our pain
We push and demand truth and venerability
The devil ain't the winner here
Imbued with dedication and fortitude
Being together isn't an option
We become more than a sine qua non
Now I can admit it, I may not also do right
But deep down I know enough to know that you're Mr. Right
It's not in my character to lie, cheat or steal
I'm not like other women who have to loose a man to realize he's Real
You prove to me again and again
That you're my perfect fairytale

The real world doesn't present things that way
But having you in my life makes it feel that way



Hollywood Africans: A Celebration of Basquiat

Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat

El Día en la Hacienda

Upcoming Animal Cracker Story- El Dia en la Hacienda

Becoming Insecurities

I wake up, take a moment to breatheThen start to conquer the jealousy
The one living between myself, I and me Its never disclosed outside of me Its been buried deep deep down in me Becoming insecurities I don't want to believe Like a hand squeezing the life out of me I toil seeing, saw, seen the best of we Hope that you can forgive It wasn't me Blame Saint Sinner, Innocent, Captivation and Schlong for impersonating you though you had yet to enter my life

The Factory


#15- whats that smell?

it had been a long day. we were hot and sticky. two combinations that don't mix well around your significant other. but somehow, we were managing.  we were in the living watching the tube. he'd been complaining about an awkward smell. so there i was sniffing around for this strange smell. underarms- nope my feet- nope my you know what- haha, nope perhaps the trash can in the kitchen or the kitchen sink- idk
him- i think its time for a shower me- you think?! him- come on, its time, we can pause the movie
we got up and started walking toward the stairs. he being the gentleman (or him wanting to have a better glance at the bootie), let me walk in front of him.
me- what is that smell? him- oh goodness, yo butt stank! me- gasping at his response him- hahaha, im just playing baby. 

#14- Damn!!!

it was mid week, no special day really, a mid week like any other i suppose except for the act of me slipping on the bedroom rug.
i was upstairs in the bedroom walking around in my underwear. went in the bathroom to the shower and turned the knob on. while waiting for the shower water to get warm, I went back into the bedroom to get some clothes to change into afterward. In the process of getting my sleep gear, I hear mister's footsteps on the stairs. i put my clothes on the bed and went to the dresser mirror to take off my earrings and necklace. mister came in behind me with a belt.
me- shit!!! him- laughing.
while im trying to grab the belt away from him, he's running around in circles and there i am right behind him. mind you, he has on sneakers, i have on socks and we're running around on a hard wood floor. In the center of the floor is a rug without grips. inevitably, i took flight like aladdin with his magic carpet, except i ended up into the wall. there i was on the flo…

To Just Listen

I "waste" my time to hear your voice
Only to receive a phone call wishing me goodnight
A needle to the heart every time
Why do I allow the disappointment
Does it ever seem to hurt enough to beg for difference
Is what my heart will ask

And if it were I, as it has been many times
I could never muster up the strength to let you go
Or to shun you away because of my exhaustion
Rather, I will wake up late into the night
Or early before the sun kissed the folage on the tree
To just listen

#13- Dont Get Mad At Me

Alright, here is the situation...
He has this massive collection of amazing books whenever pople come to the house and see this collection, they get interested and want to borrow the book... Okay, so what he'll do is create a list of books that are out of "the library," books on loan if you will. Nevermind that I'm the love of his life, he'll do the same thing to me. If I want to read a particular book, he'll write my name down on the list. After the book is back on the shelf, he'll grab this little sheet of paper and scratch my name off. Good grief is what I'm saying.

Just the Other Night (May 21):
((Ring)) ((Ring))
me- hello?
him- hey babe, do you have my Birth of a Nation book?
me- no.
him- I promise you do.
me- no, I dont.
him- yes you do. you need to look around and find it and if its in your car your ass in grass.
me- (laughing) dont get mad at me because you dont know what you did with the book.
him- im not home yet, dont get it twisted, if its not there,…

Bed Blanket and Pillow

I made my attempt tonight to resist the yearn
In the essence of you my bed blanket and pillow did the calling
Requesting to do things that we dare not do or mention
Promising myself to you I turned away
Without hesitation or resistance it became more determined
In the essence of you my bed blanket and pillow did the calling
Requesting that it hold me and keep me warm in your absence
I fell deeply without wondering thoughts or fear
I allowed it to do what it said it would
-Laying my body down onto a firm foundation
Like your hands that my beating heart rest in
-Covered in the blanket made of cotton balls
Full of plush, life and durability
Like your body that comforts my composition
-And damn the pillow for giving me the support I needed
Because afterward I fell in love
With and for all the words that have been spoken
and all that haven't yet been said can this only be explained
It was the bed blanket and pillow that did the calling
I have spent more days with you than any body else
I will spend more t…

#12- Part II: Wolverine

We came home one evening, tired from all of our running around. With the exception of all my tiredness I walked in and set my bags down on the kitchen table. I walked into the kitchen, turned the faucet on, reached over to the bottle of soap and poured a little of it into the palm of my left hand. While the testing the water with my right hand, I placed both hands underneath the water and began to wash my hands. Thank goodness he went ahead and took the fish out the freezer from earlier. We were both hungry and I was ready to cook us dinner and get it over with- so I could relax with him.
Cooked- Ate- Cleaned the Kitchen
After we finished eating and cleaning the kitchen we found our way back to the couch and plopped down like two fat kids who just finished playing street football. He quickly made the suggestion to go ahead and jump in the shower so we could settle ourselves into bed. So, thats what I did. On my return to the bedroom, I found him in bed with the covers up to his neck; l…

Winning With You

every time i look at you i can't ever seem to get enough of you
talking about the way you walk, talk, smile or breathe when you sleep
you give me the best of you, speak truth even if it leaves me blue
returning with confidence, confirmation and assurance
that then emphasizes the reason i gave my heart to you in the first place
this love thing between you and i fell into slow pace
so instead of pushing and forcing to get to the end
we found the beauty in finding no need for
the materiality and tactility of lust and greed amongst other things
i found that winning with you is simply learning and understanding


I have to apologize to you fans for the delay and absence of the posts for the past two weeks. No excuses- tomorrow is my first day off, so besides my relaxing, I will provide you with the postings from the past two weeks as well as another one- on the house.  Thanks again for checking in with Twisted Wishes via the Animal Cracker Short Stories.  
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Pipes and Weeds


#11- Birthday Wishes

His reaction to the Mr. Brainwash print!!! Only because he deserves nothing less than the best because he's that damn good to me! After my birthday passed in January, I started thinking what I could get him. And even though his birthday wasn't until April, I wanted to make sure that whatever I got him was super. It had been months on end of him telling me how much in love he was with the artist Mr. Brainwash. At the time it was, it was approximately 2 weeks before his birthday. So from that point, I went on a serious search for a Mr. Brainwash print.

FINALLY- I found it.

Talk about waiting in anxiety... hoping to God that he wouldn't come home and find it before me. I opened it up to check out the print (#86 out of 300- wow). I rolled it back up and put it back in the hollow cylinder container. Looked around the house for a hiding place. Some hours later, my love walks in the door and he has no idea. So I allow the evening to greet us. I go ahead and get into bed. While he is …

There is a Wolverine! PT2

...from last week: I found out that my baby indeed holds a gene that sets him apart with the Wolverine species. But what I didn't know was that every time he and I kissed, he was passing bits and pieces of the gene to me. O my gosh- Now, it looks like I'm apart of them too.

This Animal Cracker Short Story Coming Tuesday May 12th.

Don't get cut now.
(animal cracker stories)

Traveling North


Everything Else

Forget about everything else
Nothing but you and I matter here
Push everything else out there in the atmosphere
There's no more holding your breath
Distractions have disappeared, now you can breathe
Unlike excitement and disappointment tugging for sides
I give you neither; I give you complacency
A place where I leave no room for you to worry or fear
And suppose those things existed
because it's only human that they do
I'd plant them in the flower pot in the window seal
along with the purple hyacinths
And wait for the buds to bloom something quiet and precious
And like a flower to the sun
I find myself addicted to your light
So leave everything else outside the door
While the stormy rain beats on the shutters
I'll provide you with the haven
The one that spells out Seven24o8ight

#10- Part I: Wolverine

We arrive home from a long winded afternoon. So we get settled in and start looking at tv. Sugar dumpling takes off his socks then stands up to take off his belt. I thinking o shoot! What is he doing. After seeing my face he laughs and asks me not to be shocked and that he's just going upstairs to get in the shower. In the meantime I make myself comfortable on the couch. There I am, flipping through the channels and run across my television show; CSI Miami. O yeah! About 15 or 20 minutes into the show, he comes back down stairs with some blue and yellow shorts on with an Angela Davis shirt on. He comes in and sits down beside me. He pulls up the ottoman and kicks his feet up. What I didn't notice was that he had a toe nail clipper. I'm thinking o my goodness, I hope I don't get cut. He starts doing his thing.

me- make sure you keep all that over there.
him- o please, whatever.
me- i'm just saying!

So, he finally finishes. Now I get to have cuddle time. Yay! After dis…

#9- i did No such thing

So, we walk in the house from dinner, but I do know that whatever I ate didn't sit well with my stomach. I got home and sat down to settle my stomach murmurs. After about fifteen minutes on the couch, I realized that is wasn't doing a darn thing for me. I figured, my stomach was just full so all of the unsettling would pass. I made my way upstairs to get ready for bed. I get in the hot steamy shower. While I lather up my wash cloth, I bend over wash my toes and brrrr- an invisible smell slips.

me- Ahhh, OMG, I hope he didn't hear that. I pray to God he is down stairs, at least I hope he is. I didn't hear him come upstairs.

Shortly after my worries of him being upstairs, I hear him (thump, thump, thump thump) walking up the stairs. I lit it up with that one invisible smell.

me- Please God, don't let me burn a hole in the bed with all this funk. Hell, I was trying to hurry out the bathroom anyway. I was starting to hurt myself.

I walk out of the bathroom and he's alr…

#8- I Got Called Out

I got called out on my love for you that day-

That day I was in the back yard working on a painting
By that time, you had been gone for some time
Funny, you were only up the street taking photographs
Even still hours had past as I started to miss you
As I stayed steady on my task, a good friend kept me co.
While in conversation, I kept my drum on the sounds around me
(I thought I heard a car door shut)
Hey, did you hear that

I lit up, I admit it... I did and smiled from ear to ear-

My good friend starting laughing his tail off
I started laughing too
Cause at that point, I got called out on my love for you
I dared anyone to ever catch my excitement
From you walking in the room or returning home from work
And dare you ever to know how excited and thrilled I am to be yours
That day you quickly found out
I was left blushing for some time after that!

(animal cracker stories)

The Calming Affect

Your voice is the most soothing and comforting sound to my drum. It's something to look forward to even after 5 min since we've last spoken to each other.Your voice has a calming affect that settles and fosters in my mind.
Your lips are as soft as body butter on fresh showered caramel skin and sweet as cinnamon sprinkled on triangular fruit filled pastries. I could caress your lips with my own for hours at a time and that alone would deliver ecstasy. A kiss on thine cheek is the most wonderful fixation and I feel secured when you wrap me in your cotton candy kisses.Your smile makes me loose any word I was ready to say. While your eyes make me melt; I smile and gaze at you with astonishment of how wonderful and brilliant you are. It has been by His divine to grant us to come this far in such a relatively short period of time. Allowing myself to continously relive the replays of endless memories like these that we've made.

#7- oh no, poor OBEY

The time frame was Christmas. He and I aren't really big fans on the whole idea but on my behalf, I wanted to give him something he wouldn't forget. A few weeks earlier (December 5 to be exact) there was a show at this fab place called the MKT. MKT was a place that had a bunch of graphic tees, cool ass kicks, its own arrangement of weird toys for us adult kids and an assortment of books (mostly books on rad artists) that sat in the window of this cool spot. Any rate, during an art show that evening a the MKT he takes me by the hand and leads me over to the window of assorted books.

him- if there is anything you could get me for Christmas, it is this- a Shepard Fairey book priced really well.
me- o, okay (smiling at him)

I must admit, the book was kinda fly, okay, maybe more than fly, it was awesome! Over the next few weeks, I visited the store like a crack fiend visited the pipe. Back and forth, back and forth, making sure they still had the book. My mind was more than made up at…

Which Is It?


1984 "photo booth"


Mere Necessities: t-shirt, socks and panties


#6- an Ice Cream Kiss x3

to lick
-verb pass tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, taste or eat: to lick a spoon clean.
2. in other words; to ice cream my face: to make extremely wet without notice.

Its a Friday afternoon and we're sitting on the couch watching some program on television. While sitting there we get into the whole cuddling mode and boy is it nice. I get up and sit myself facing forward on his lap. I'm looking at him and he's looking at me. I go in for an anticipated kiss- only centimeters from my lips touching his, he ice creams me. That's right, he freakin licks me. My chin, lips and nose are wetter than... well you get the drift. I'm looking at this punk and say "You are such a jerk."

A few weeks later we are walking around the house doing our own thing. I catch his eye catching mine, we walk toward one another and give each other a hug, we look into each other eyes and lean in for a kiss. Little does he know, I remembered the time on the couch and said to…

#5- I wasn't finish Praying

It has become our mantra in most unvarying cases to pray between 0720 and 0736. At this time of morning he is on his way to work while I am just waking up or in the process of making the bed. I thought everything was going pretty well this morning until he did the unthinkable-

me- "Heavenly Father, thank you for all that you do for us though we may not deserve it. Thank you for allowing us to get up this morning with legs to walk, hands to touch, a mouth to speak and eyes to see your glorious creation and the life you continue to give. Please watch over us on the what may seem to be a stressful morning- another new day of a busy work week. Watch over those who are driving this morning. Give my honey and those around him traveling graceto and fromtheir destinations. Look over ourfamily and..."
me- (appalled!) excuse me, did you just say Amen? I wasn't finished praying.
him- o you weren't? my bad, i thought you were done.
me- um no- i wasn't.
him- o, well, i…

#4- bottle of Water instead

Picture this- A fall night in Charlotte, NC. It's gallery crawl night in Charlotte's uptown art district. The weather is on the nippy side, but who cares- the galleries were loaded. | This was my first "big" opening as a professional artist... I began walking around, observing how the crowd responded to the work hung on the chalk white wall. As I gasped in glory at this moment, folks crowded in. On a small table that centered the gallery were two bottles of wine, one white, one red. Beside the wine were two silver bowls, one filled with peanuts, the other with chocolates. I figured this was a big night, so hey, why not. I poured me a glass of red wine.
him- (introducing his co-worker to me) hey, this is my significant other and artist, Tomika Elise. me- thank you for coming out, how are you? nice to meet you. (indulging myself in the conversation).

While during the conversation my right hand gave its attention to holding my glass of wine, it shared its pleasure by holdi…

#3- the Towel Popping

I'm standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I suppose the meal I made was good, at least I didn't hear any complaints. He is in the living room looking at t.v. He comes in the kitchen with his glass. I'm thinking he's going to refill on whatever he was drinking and then leave. Instead he puts his glass on the counter, walks behind me, puts his hands around my waist and kisses me on the cheek. He then walks into the den to look at some photographs. Anyway, I'm going on about the task at hand. POP

me- what the hell? come on already!
him- doing what he does best- laughing.
me- just shaking my head.POP -screaming his name, ahhhh!!!

I start running around the house, and there he his, right on my tail. After about three or four times around the house, he slips (ha), I get a lead and head for the bathroom. I hear him getting up and heading toward my direction. Slam goes the bathroom door. While I catch my breath, I put my ear to the door and listen for any movement on th…

#2- Clap Off... clap on dang it, clap on

me- (waiting to get in the shower) about time!
him- o please. (he walks out)

I close the bathroom door and jump in the shower. I stand there and let the water beat on my skin like hands on a drum. While I'm there enjoying my moment, I get interrupted by no other than the Hollywood Negro himself. Clap off- the bathroom grows dark. I step back to the shower wall (lots of room to back up right?!). Now I'm paranoid and that punk has me jumpy.

me- what are you doing? hello? honey? what are you doing? stop playing around.
(the door shuts- thank God, he left)
him- silent as a mouse and still as a brick

I finish rinsing and turn the shower off. Getting ready to get out- He pulls back the shower curtain, he shouts and screams something on the lines of BOOGIE BOOGIE BOO, hahaha, I scared you. And damned if he did- FUDGE!!! I stood there screaming to the top of my lungs- heck I had no clue what else to do. And there I was sitting on the shower floor cause he scared me so bad. I could hear him…

#1- a Cold Shower for sure

him- you better watch out!
me- ha! for what? you not gonna do nothing!
him- i'm known to be the biggest prankster.
me- yeah okay and if you do anything, it will mean WAR!

So- there I am getting ready to take a shower. Excited about it and everything. I get in- (where did that boy go?) I lather up some good soap suds... have to get these toes... (still don't hear any noise outside of the bathroom- perhaps he went on to mind his own business... GOOD then). Time to wash off. I step under the shower-head and man does the water feel good. And BAM (a super duper very unexpected load noise)- while making sure he doesn't get wet, the shower curtain is pulled back and SPLASH the water pitcher from the refrigerator comes at me. Ahhh!!! Scared out of my whits, I nearly fall and pee on myself. There I am shivering like a leaf and colder than the ice itself sitting in the freezer.

me- you are such a punk- ahhh, i hate you!
him- hahaha hahaha hahaha etc.
me- how could you? thats okay, i'll…

the Short Stories

So I wanted to try something new- a short story series of my life and the one who domesticates himself in it. With the permission from the most remarkable man in my life, I decided to capture the perks and most hilarious moments of our relationship in hopes of bringing forth honesty to the phrase, "good times." Inspired by him and a very precious comic by cartoonist Liz Prince, I bring to you my story. || While in most cases he's laughing, I'm the one flicking him off because he's laughing. This tends to be our divine nature (he and I). This is the beginning of what I like to call Animal Cracker Stories. I hope you like it!

a Saccharine Lamination

Honey dip wrap you hands around my hips
Kiss me softly and desire more than my lips
Love me strong, love me deep
Almond our bodies and watch me sleep
I thank God for bringing me to you
I thank Him for the Now and what he plans to do
You have me and I'm not going anywhere.

Sept 7.

I've been happy many times before
But none gave me the freedom to be
Fullfilled the way you make me
Perhaps I was scared in the beginning
To give myself with my predicting

But letting go allowed me to see your heart's integrity
My walls fell down, I was naked
For you and the whole world to see
After our first initial conversation
My mind was made up, you had me

the worst headache ever

it comes when i think of you
out of the air or from under the roots
gives me a throbbing feeling
there is no warning or ease
it comes and its damaging
nearly or just as painful as my soul
when you took it away and raped it
there is no befriending you
because i don't won't to be mad at you-
for the foolish shit you did
back and forth between she and i
guess i wouldn't figure it out
over and over again
for the nonsense things you did
hell, for the shit you didn't do
i gracefully just say
fuck you
it comes when i think of you
out of the air or from under the roots
gives me a throbbing feeling
this is the reminisce of you
the worst headache ever

i know you won't

wish you would come and save me
but i know you won't
because today you are in mexico
next week you'll be in fiji
and while the pain is aching
i will be here in the same place
for today or even next week
waiting for you
though i know you won't come

Today is Sucky

Today is sucky
and I am miserable
I have no one to talk to
not even you because truthfully
I know you won’t listen
to the same stories
with the same concern and frustration
So I am alone
for the umpth-teen time again
Not even the four walls I sit in
talk to me
They stare at me
and I stare back
Perhaps they would talk to me
but today is sucky
and I am miserable.

I'm Not Scared

made me fall in love
how I was feeling
left in the cold
told you twice
scared of loving you
don't think about us
foolish heart
drowning while saving you
wont let you
back into perspective
scared of the truth
i'm not scared
filled with blue
impossible tasks
giving in
walk on water
scared they wont like me
not sure of-
too much to ask
make it quick
less painful than before
surviving the experience
scared to try
making it work
if i could i would
not that easy
no competition
claimed love and happiness
scared to give up
its not right
give you the world
shine so bright
postcards from elsewhere
I'm not scared

Packing Bags

Im packing all my things
Looking to get out of here
City way too small to walk in
Im about to quit my job
Pursue my freewill dreams
Have to get far from here
I have big plans
Can't let another moment pass
Im going to prove to you
I wont be the one sitting around
Waiting for the beat of the drum
Im going to pack my bags
Won't be turning my head to look back
I'm taking full advantage
Tattoo my body with adventure
Im going to sell my car
Buy a ticket to Seychelles
Plant my feet in the sand
Im going far away from here
My journey awaits
With you or not

You Become

You become a habit
The more I have, the more I need
You are the strings on my guitar
The slightest touch or flirt
Supplies a delightful acoustic fusion
Addicted to your energy
You please me mentally and emotionally
Your smooth dark chocolate coffee skin
Is a sweet gaze of satisfaction
You become the impossible task
For them to accomplish
But I conquer loving you
You become kryptonite
The way you leave me open
After you take my super powers away
You leave me naked
Your devotion protects and assures me
Ease my mind and cradle my thoughts
You become a ray of light
Kissing my skin
Imparting an exuberant glow

Out of love In June

Slowly but surely
True selves came quick to light
Found it hard to believe
Must have been inevitable

Flag after flag was ignored
Claimed love and happiness
Still I stayed
Must have been inevitable

We dwindled away
Emotions powered on you left me empty
And that was okay
Because truly it was inevitable

"lets talk"

not knowing-
it sounds so negative
irritating not knowing the good or bad
you don't want to talk about it (right now)
leave me with the idea of the conversation
where could it lead or end

fixated on wondering-
you know when you told me
told me we needed to talk
my heart fell into my lungs
my emotions cut themselves out of me
i sat there a little dismembered

now knowing-
now that i know what it is
what it is that you were waiting to tell me
my emotions are jammed-can't think
it isn't easy dealing with it
but i trust you

One Day Soon

One day I will come
Will come from these prison walls
All of your demanding will have faded
Nothing will matter no more
After you see how I have conquered you I will break free
Your damaging rules and concrete restriction
Will crumble and fall at your feet
You will not win this victory
It was never yours to win
You sought to control my move
Your pride made you blind
Why would you try to tain a wild horse
You abuse me and stole my hope at times
Only at times, I remained in Faith
Happiness wet my face
Cause one day I know this pain will ceaseI will break all your fences
Even all the metal ones that you
That you so carefully welded
When I am good and ready
When I see the opportunity to leave
Leave this imprisonmentTarnished with pride, emptiness, and control
I will go, you will see no more
My freedom sings to meI hear it loud and clear
My voice will soon harmonize with the melody
And I will be goneGone from here