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No Good

i claim that you are no good for valid reasons
-yell at me in front of people as if i were your child
-snap at the drop of a dime over trivial things
-get mad at me when I point out your weakness
-come home smelling like you just walked out the bar
-beg me to stay, but give me more reasons to leave
-stay in bed until it is the hottest outside
-say you'll get up to work tomorrow
-give excuses as to why you can't communicate
-always tell me something happen that you couldn't control
-leave me hanging when I need you the most
-don't have your own means of communication
-have to be reminded to check up on job status
you are a simple minded man, no good for me

In love In February

We made a vow to love we
You blow my mind
I think of you constantly
You’re in my head
Can’t erase the memories we’ve made-

Your smile intrigues me
I cannot stop staring at you
This is not my normal me
I go insane, but it’s good though
Your eyes-

I felt that I fell in love
But do or I I know I’m not
Your eyes take me away, your stares
Look at you making me like this
You are beautiful
Can’t seem to stop looking at you
And why is that
You give me chills
Who knows what will come of this-

An Evaluation

See how far we've come
How much have we grown from then
Has it been worth your time
Do you feel its been worth mine?
Feel that you think I whine a bit than your used to
And if that be true
I ask what you would ask me
What now and what will you do
Would you leave for my bickering?
Love be damned for this
I wouldn't be here had I not fallen
Do I dare damn the existance