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Be careful
Theres a shooter on loose
His charge is that of a bull
It can prompt conclusion to your thought
Or contribute to a shift in direction
Rethink, rethink, rethink you will do
He's bold and sassy
With his preference and selection of idiom
What is said might be truth but it burns
Be careful what you say
He is keen and he's fleet-footed with his words
I let too many words to lapsus linguae
Without analyzing what I said
Before you knew it
Bang... Bang...
He shot me in the my soul
Went straight through my core
Now look at me
Powerless lying there
My game is over Shooter
I start it over
Maybe I'll get further

Enjoyable You

I woke up this morning
You were on my mind
Can I have all of you
You make me smile
All of the time
I can't help it when I talk to you
When your not around
You're still Mr. Available
I love that about you
O sugar you
Got me wrapped like a vine to a fence
Don't you know what you do
I went outside
Saw the bright blue sky
Started to think
You miss me
Just as much as I miss you
And though its hardly said
I think its true
You allowed an old friend in
And comforted me
O honey you
Got me growling
Wouldn't you laugh at that
You Lion Man
Give me much to think about
Grrr, say it for me
Make us both laugh
You silly Lion Man

I Know

She is my most adorable, wonderful , spirit-filled, slightly filled up with about 6% of the drama queen outfit She is beautiful in her way She and I have gained a bond that is noticeable among many She reads my non-verbal communication as if it were a restaurant menu; I'm that easy I read into her emotions, I know when she's upset I know when she wants to talk, I know when she thinking to deep into a resolvable situation I know when she's about to cry and I know when she is about to laugh. She is ideal to myself I know because she is me And I am her

Time Has Come

The time has come for us to part
Move on from here
Plant a seed for new beginning
I want to win
With nothing to hold me down
There is something more for me
Something I can see
I've been showered with blessings
I'm clearing my mind to receive
Removing all the cobwebs
That clouded my sight
Something from within told me
To give up the fight I was fighting
It was straining and exhausting me
But no regretting the lesson
It was there for me to learn
But now that I've dwelled there
For a while
Its time for me to move on
This chapter belongs to me
Goodbye to old traditions
Goodbye to all fed lies
I won't stick to your standards
I'm a bird who was made to fly

Let Me Be

Did you find what you were looking for
Made sure you had all of your facts together
Put your psychology voodoo on me
Catch me, Catch me in a lie
You read past what you really should
Finding clues to decipher this worded map
Can I just be who I am
Without questioning my reasoning
Why does it have to be about some one else
Should it always be untold stories
I provide you with enough to subside the hunger
Hunger and greed for assumption
Take things as they are
Respect my state of mind
Why should I have to explain whats
Behind the words that I write
Believe me, but you won't
Look at me normal, you can't
Tell me how should this be handled
Do I loose you over my sentiments
What law was made that I did not know
I provide you with what I want you to see
A helpless soul, a forgiving artist
Remove the spell of insecurities
Respect what I have to say
And if you disown me
How selfish that would be
Our friendship has no ground
I love you, forgiven you
False accusing, I've accepted
At times I've deserved
But not …


My people
Why do you turn to closed doors
How far will you go
How far can you get
Turn to me, let me explain life
Know who you are
Don't be who you aren't
BE the most original
BE your own leader
Your own decider
Allow not the screen to rule
To rule your perception
Allow it not to influence you
Its not so important
Love you more than what others might give
Sing your own tunes
Form the difference in your life
My people
Our young are dying
From lack of knowledge
Malnutrition of spirit and mind
Make us okay
Provide a future
Stop making excuses
Our children don't have to suffer the pain
Who asked their opinion in regards to
Taking this life on
Keep them away from ignorance
As best as you can
Up their standards and expectations
Give them treasures
Show them self worth
Explain fighting won't solve everything
My people
Provide a way
Young girl, close your developed thighs
Develop the mind first
You have not yet mastered any womanhood
With your legs wide open
Know that those treasures are not irreplacable
My people

Diary p.9

Excitement filled my face
You saw I was happy by looking in my eyes
And you were right
I love being with you
Around you, underneath you, on the phone with you
Loving you hurts, and I'm thinking we were a mistake
But I can't help gazing
Constant daydreaming
How can it be ignored
Wanna run away with you
No one must know about us
The box in which are feelings and thoughts reside
Is starting to over flow
You and I are the perfect fit
But in some sense are not allowed to mesh
Many would disapprove
But I know what my feelings are about you
I'm starting not to care
Tell me how to fix the mess we have involved ourselves in
I'll be good just with you
We cry, we laugh
We can't get enough of the other

When Its Like This

Come here boy
Let me let you know
I am about to rock ya world
You think you know what your getting into
Spare me, cause you know nothing
Got your eyes glued to this
Don't fool your self with anticipated faded talent
Whisper a few details in ya ear
Goosebumps take control of you
As my lips slightly touch your skin
Feel your body overcome with excitement
Don't know what I have
Waiting in store for you
Swing my hair when I walk away
Wink my eye before I hit the corner
Give you something extra
For you to think about
This is how I keep me on your mind
Can't wait to show you what you need
See you next time at a grown up spot
Come in with an all white
V flows down into my valley
Silver white stilettos step in the door
Get my mood right with Kelly's Like This
Catch my eye with your brute like lion swagger
Rolling like the King of the Jungle
Watch it sweetie
I might have to take you off your throne
Tell you, no better yet, show you
How good things happen
Get you wide open with
My scent that paralyzes you

Scared of This

I'm scared
Don't know how or what when to say
How do I move you?
Move your mood in my way
Can I make things work in favor of me?
Can't really express myself
Tell what I should do
How do I make you feel me
Or do you already do
Why not let me know?
Tell me when to stop
I look back on the day I saw your face
A beautiful being stood in front of me
Everything became a breeze
Things were moving smoothly
Got a chance to know you
Opened me up, peeked inside for a preview
What is the next move?
Eyes had a unspeakable communication
Found your hands meet with my skin
Your presence fills me up
What goes on in that head
How many times do I pass through
Tangles of time straining occupation
Think about it every second
The thought of you takes a toll on me
Let go, let you do all these things
Without you knowing
But I'm scared
What if I say the wrong thing
You dislike repeating yourself
Sometimes I just like the sound of your voice
Don't mean to aggravate or frustrate you
But I love the way say every single word
I …