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I remember you trying to convince me to come back to Charlotte so that we could get up with one another. I fought with myself that night trying to figure out what to do. I stayed put that night with the reminder of you leaving the next morning to head back home. It burned me up inside and out. I let you go back home and to think I was only an hour away from Charlotte. Regretting it, disappointing myself, and found myself lost with excitement. Like a young girl filled with infatuation. You had an Ora that surrounded you that I wanted to be a part of. I anticipated conversations. I knew you were a work-oholic so I learned to balance myself when it came to you. Sudden talk of tea bumped everything up to a different level. You sent me an experience by mail. I just knew I was getting the most exclusive and the most genuine herbs. Everything about the idea of tea became second nature to my daily regiment. So I put on this joint by Goapele, and it had me in this mood. It, this hard to descri…

Sweet As 3.14159...

You sexy thing you
Walk into my life with,
your gorgeous smile
I think of you often
I think of a probable future
Don't know what it is
That has me caught up like this
Always on my hip
My #1 on speed dial
Tell me what you do
Strung out on you
You make me sing
You make me fly
My heart flutters when I see you
I explode with emotion
And don't know what to do
We stick together like
Honey and a bee
Needing each other on a day to day
You are my wish, my dream
My hope for us