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When You Happened To Me

listen to the words
losing yourself
all i wanted was love
giving up
something new
letting go
allowing time
love you better
seven twenty4
taking time
just like water
always on my mind
when you are near
kissing in august
the way it is
bright lights
green shades
juxtapose this
what happened as a result
when you happened to me

Escaping From- Finding a Way

he tells me that there is no way
but I know there is something beyond this boundary
he poses himself to be the greatest man alive
see I know that he isn't, actually far from it
fingers find their way to a lovely sound, cords being pulled
attempting to cover old and new bruises
kissing away tears knowing they will come again
his goal is to keep me dependent
says I can't do without being independent
who is he to say what i can do or who i am
tip-toeing and slithering in my sheets
tainting my dreams with his determined ways
he will try his hardest to keep me from you
freedom exist beyond me
something much more than i see
but i know it there, though he tells me different
things will change, i can't do without it
i can't do without that change
so i wait, ease the tension by breathing under water


I reminded you of her
at first perhaps
the beauty she held
the place she had
attached like vellum and ink
something close to complete
now i'm that she for you
but something you actually need
a meeting with you
under first impressions
one conversation
led me into your world
trying my best to resist
because i knew it was a must
but you took me
and you knew
i'd follow you easily
any word you did or didn't say
would be easy for me to fall into


Sister I know it feels like I've been avoiding you
Its my fault for not keeping in touch with you I know we're suppose to be there for one another
I haven't been doing my part, I have no excuse So here I am, truth out on the table
Sister Admitting that I know I've been wrong
I'm going to make a change Going to display the importance of you
You're my favorite little big sister in the world I'd die if I ever lost you
Sister You stay on my mind, I wonder about you
I want to hear your problems And be there to help you solve them
I want you to be the one you come for advice A few things have changed this year
Sister I'm away getting myself together
Hope I'm still your favorite sister Thank you for being who you are
Accepting my rebellious attitude (at times) Thank you for wanting to hang out or be with me

scattered consistent thought

(listening to alicia keys: lesson learned)

its been so long
you've made me happy before
sad moments saturated the better ones

i've fallen out of love with you
you've asked me to trust you,
knowing in my heart I barely could
but i did...
again and again and again
i gave you all my trust
dare you do the same for me

We are so done right now
Don't know how I stuck with this so long
I was the one for you and you for me
At one point anyway
Things change, we've change, i change
Saturation of bad habits reveal what is true

there isn't any room for us
gave up my occupation of crying
need to let you go
you aren't healthy for me
as many times i sucked it up
can't bear this pain any longer
and as badly as i wanted this
wanted this to be genuine
it hasn't been, it never was
reminded of where i want to go
and who i want to be
that place isn't with you
given you a second chance
as if there wasn't the fifth or ninth
truly i care and miss you dearly
but you and i were not made for we

No Good

i claim that you are no good for valid reasons
-yell at me in front of people as if i were your child
-snap at the drop of a dime over trivial things
-get mad at me when I point out your weakness
-come home smelling like you just walked out the bar
-beg me to stay, but give me more reasons to leave
-stay in bed until it is the hottest outside
-say you'll get up to work tomorrow
-give excuses as to why you can't communicate
-always tell me something happen that you couldn't control
-leave me hanging when I need you the most
-don't have your own means of communication
-have to be reminded to check up on job status
you are a simple minded man, no good for me

In love In February

We made a vow to love we
You blow my mind
I think of you constantly
You’re in my head
Can’t erase the memories we’ve made-

Your smile intrigues me
I cannot stop staring at you
This is not my normal me
I go insane, but it’s good though
Your eyes-

I felt that I fell in love
But do or I I know I’m not
Your eyes take me away, your stares
Look at you making me like this
You are beautiful
Can’t seem to stop looking at you
And why is that
You give me chills
Who knows what will come of this-

An Evaluation

See how far we've come
How much have we grown from then
Has it been worth your time
Do you feel its been worth mine?
Feel that you think I whine a bit than your used to
And if that be true
I ask what you would ask me
What now and what will you do
Would you leave for my bickering?
Love be damned for this
I wouldn't be here had I not fallen
Do I dare damn the existance