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I have to apologize to you fans for the delay and absence of the posts for the past two weeks. No excuses- tomorrow is my first day off, so besides my relaxing, I will provide you with the postings from the past two weeks as well as another one- on the house.  Thanks again for checking in with Twisted Wishes via the Animal Cracker Short Stories.  
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Pipes and Weeds


#11- Birthday Wishes

His reaction to the Mr. Brainwash print!!! Only because he deserves nothing less than the best because he's that damn good to me! After my birthday passed in January, I started thinking what I could get him. And even though his birthday wasn't until April, I wanted to make sure that whatever I got him was super. It had been months on end of him telling me how much in love he was with the artist Mr. Brainwash. At the time it was, it was approximately 2 weeks before his birthday. So from that point, I went on a serious search for a Mr. Brainwash print.

FINALLY- I found it.

Talk about waiting in anxiety... hoping to God that he wouldn't come home and find it before me. I opened it up to check out the print (#86 out of 300- wow). I rolled it back up and put it back in the hollow cylinder container. Looked around the house for a hiding place. Some hours later, my love walks in the door and he has no idea. So I allow the evening to greet us. I go ahead and get into bed. While he is …

There is a Wolverine! PT2

...from last week: I found out that my baby indeed holds a gene that sets him apart with the Wolverine species. But what I didn't know was that every time he and I kissed, he was passing bits and pieces of the gene to me. O my gosh- Now, it looks like I'm apart of them too.

This Animal Cracker Short Story Coming Tuesday May 12th.

Don't get cut now.
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Traveling North


Everything Else

Forget about everything else
Nothing but you and I matter here
Push everything else out there in the atmosphere
There's no more holding your breath
Distractions have disappeared, now you can breathe
Unlike excitement and disappointment tugging for sides
I give you neither; I give you complacency
A place where I leave no room for you to worry or fear
And suppose those things existed
because it's only human that they do
I'd plant them in the flower pot in the window seal
along with the purple hyacinths
And wait for the buds to bloom something quiet and precious
And like a flower to the sun
I find myself addicted to your light
So leave everything else outside the door
While the stormy rain beats on the shutters
I'll provide you with the haven
The one that spells out Seven24o8ight

#10- Part I: Wolverine

We arrive home from a long winded afternoon. So we get settled in and start looking at tv. Sugar dumpling takes off his socks then stands up to take off his belt. I thinking o shoot! What is he doing. After seeing my face he laughs and asks me not to be shocked and that he's just going upstairs to get in the shower. In the meantime I make myself comfortable on the couch. There I am, flipping through the channels and run across my television show; CSI Miami. O yeah! About 15 or 20 minutes into the show, he comes back down stairs with some blue and yellow shorts on with an Angela Davis shirt on. He comes in and sits down beside me. He pulls up the ottoman and kicks his feet up. What I didn't notice was that he had a toe nail clipper. I'm thinking o my goodness, I hope I don't get cut. He starts doing his thing.

me- make sure you keep all that over there.
him- o please, whatever.
me- i'm just saying!

So, he finally finishes. Now I get to have cuddle time. Yay! After dis…

#9- i did No such thing

So, we walk in the house from dinner, but I do know that whatever I ate didn't sit well with my stomach. I got home and sat down to settle my stomach murmurs. After about fifteen minutes on the couch, I realized that is wasn't doing a darn thing for me. I figured, my stomach was just full so all of the unsettling would pass. I made my way upstairs to get ready for bed. I get in the hot steamy shower. While I lather up my wash cloth, I bend over wash my toes and brrrr- an invisible smell slips.

me- Ahhh, OMG, I hope he didn't hear that. I pray to God he is down stairs, at least I hope he is. I didn't hear him come upstairs.

Shortly after my worries of him being upstairs, I hear him (thump, thump, thump thump) walking up the stairs. I lit it up with that one invisible smell.

me- Please God, don't let me burn a hole in the bed with all this funk. Hell, I was trying to hurry out the bathroom anyway. I was starting to hurt myself.

I walk out of the bathroom and he's alr…

#8- I Got Called Out

I got called out on my love for you that day-

That day I was in the back yard working on a painting
By that time, you had been gone for some time
Funny, you were only up the street taking photographs
Even still hours had past as I started to miss you
As I stayed steady on my task, a good friend kept me co.
While in conversation, I kept my drum on the sounds around me
(I thought I heard a car door shut)
Hey, did you hear that

I lit up, I admit it... I did and smiled from ear to ear-

My good friend starting laughing his tail off
I started laughing too
Cause at that point, I got called out on my love for you
I dared anyone to ever catch my excitement
From you walking in the room or returning home from work
And dare you ever to know how excited and thrilled I am to be yours
That day you quickly found out
I was left blushing for some time after that!

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The Calming Affect

Your voice is the most soothing and comforting sound to my drum. It's something to look forward to even after 5 min since we've last spoken to each other.Your voice has a calming affect that settles and fosters in my mind.
Your lips are as soft as body butter on fresh showered caramel skin and sweet as cinnamon sprinkled on triangular fruit filled pastries. I could caress your lips with my own for hours at a time and that alone would deliver ecstasy. A kiss on thine cheek is the most wonderful fixation and I feel secured when you wrap me in your cotton candy kisses.Your smile makes me loose any word I was ready to say. While your eyes make me melt; I smile and gaze at you with astonishment of how wonderful and brilliant you are. It has been by His divine to grant us to come this far in such a relatively short period of time. Allowing myself to continously relive the replays of endless memories like these that we've made.