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In My Dreams

I love what I haven't seen
Miss a voice I've never heard
Desiring a touch I've never felt
And a kiss I have yet to make
Miss the love letters I haven't received
Miss the scent that you have yet to leave in my clothes
After a hug which I've never felt
But sure enough I know that it's real
Sure to know it when it arrives
Miss you now
As strongly as I did before
You that I cannot see
You that I have yet to meet
You that I always need


The more I resisted, the harder it became to let go
To finally allow love and patience to take over
My heart pulled in one direction while my mind pulled in another
Having my way in love or to think what it should be may not be the right one
Dictating situations to what I thought was feasible and fitting
Wasn't merely enough to prepare me for the emotions to come
Thereafter, before or during, I'd run into someone
Who'd put me on edge in the most admiring and sedulous way
Putting me in a place to open me once again to vulnerability
This time allowing me to fall deeply in love without any second thought
I pray when it reaches it's final destination that I will allow it
Breathe it, consume it and be reassured that this is the one

Please, No Sorries

Please don't say you're sorry
For opening me up and leaving me undone
Your intent was genuine but not good enough
You continued with your promises
I became like the rest along with your next

Please don't say you're sorry
For treating me like I was the only one
Did everything to sooth and calm my emotions
Requested a quality of devotion and exclusivity
Knowing the risks I was taking
I still found a way to let you in

Please don't say you're sorry
For wanting to try again and make things new
I guess I got you through the some rough patches
We existed and grew into authenticity
For a period of time at least
Things have since been disregarded

Don't apologize for the love you didn't return
Or for becoming so abstracted that I hardly knew who you were
Perhaps you didn't have anymore love to give
If you say this, then maybe I could understand
But please keep your sorries
They are not mine to have

I Lost You

Feeling now that I lost you
Being intimate is a projected reflection
But I predicted this separation
I remember what it was like to have you here
But my body forgets

I've tried to mimic the feeling in the past
It's too far from anything like you
It's disheartening drenched with a headache
You told me you missed me
Which I wanted to ignore but couldn't

I was just hoping you could feel it
I think you did, please say you did
I did my best when it came to you
To resist the sobbing and a runny nose
Admit that I did

I neglected to realize that you could shield me from this
That wasn't your responsibility, it was mine
So please don't...
Don't apologize for anything
I know if I weren't in love with you
It wouldn't hurt this fucking bad

A Love Like His

A companion to "False Sense"

It's supposed to be the best love you've ever had
A love that is never judging, a love that is endless
The kind of love that wraps around and fulfills you
Even in your darkest hour or moment
This is the type of love that will lift you at lowest low
His love will be like a fountain full of grace
Washing you in forgiveness and mercy
When you find yourself giving up or giving in
His love will save you, even from yourself
We know that we get in the way of ourselves
Sometimes even sabotaging our destiny or positive outcome
Thank goodness He is always available, never leaving you astray
The kind of love he will exude will be kind, patient and understanding
His heart will be free from jealousy and full of strength and ambition
Not everyone will be able to understand this type of love
Nor will that be able to comprehend how in love you are
Your depressed days will be minimal with a love so great
Conversations and communication will be open and