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Foolish Me

What a fool to believe that you were an opportunity Tell me what I did to make you move on Why isn't that you couldn't just come to me and communicate I didn't know I made things difficult for you The little things I did for you thinking you would appreciate Thought I would be an interest when we played ball together You stuck in my head like plaque to enamel But you see the great thing is, this plaque, this thought of you can be removed I won't deny that moments spent with you They were an experience Can't find one moment we shared to complain about That's why its hard for me to understand what happened You made everything sound easy going Foolish of me to believe you were true But isn't that our duty, to provide one with the contingency to be tangible But why? Where did you go or vanish to? Why leave me to make assumptions? My fault that I engaged so quickly Should have left you a bit more curious and anxious to know who I was The invitation you persuaded was make-believe Ma…

Because You Like PURPLE

I listened to you Thought you heard my words Allowing your lies to seek in Like weeds through cracked pavement I believed We spoke of never happening ideas Your mind was made up But because you liked Purple I fell hard for you Led me into a numbness You could do whatever And I saw no wrong That's how caught up I was But because you liked Purple I reminded myself of how you came to be A twisted vine that doen't straighten

Only You

Seems that only you have me this way
In the position of you constantly on my mind
What kind of bull shit is this?!
Here I am thinking we were this "something"
Because clearly we fell far from nothing
And now here I stand, looking at the situation
Asking why
Why is it you couldn't answer any of my phone calls
What did I do to push you away
How could you do this to me
You played such a great game
And to think I actually joined in thinking you were real
What a great cover
Seems that only you have me this way
Listening to all your words and believing
What else is there to assume when you give me nothing
Here I am out on a limb
You got my nose wide open before the simple kiss
Like you the cocaine and I'm the addict whose craving
What a trip
To think you were the one who didn't want to get hurt
Look where the confusion fell
My fault to get so involved
My fault to expect so much
What the hell was I thinking
Well, now I know
Seems that only you have me this way
Too bad this had to be the lesson