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#14- Damn!!!

it was mid week, no special day really, a mid week like any other i suppose except for the act of me slipping on the bedroom rug.
i was upstairs in the bedroom walking around in my underwear. went in the bathroom to the shower and turned the knob on. while waiting for the shower water to get warm, I went back into the bedroom to get some clothes to change into afterward. In the process of getting my sleep gear, I hear mister's footsteps on the stairs. i put my clothes on the bed and went to the dresser mirror to take off my earrings and necklace. mister came in behind me with a belt.
me- shit!!! him- laughing.
while im trying to grab the belt away from him, he's running around in circles and there i am right behind him. mind you, he has on sneakers, i have on socks and we're running around on a hard wood floor. In the center of the floor is a rug without grips. inevitably, i took flight like aladdin with his magic carpet, except i ended up into the wall. there i was on the flo…