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American Sibling

August 29, I write.

Kow that I am New Orleans
Not too long ago
a cancer of some sort hit me
It began silently and built up quickly
Before anyone knew it, I was sinking,
all of my vitals were failing
I called on surrounding siblings
of America
I wasn't worth their time to invest in.

Dear Siblings of America
Fine government that you are
Where were you when I needed you
Why were you not protecting me
I was here drowning, holding on to my nothings
I waited and trusted you
You, in your pride filled position
Were you too busy for my saving
You knew the path you needed to go
Still you decided not to show
Or did you
How long did it take for you to See
I was in this unlivable state
The job you should have been doing
Casually became our priority
But it wasn't so for you
I've been DISmantled and UProoted
No amount of money...
Can revive or bring back the life I once held
When eviction hit
But even so, here I lay with this illness
Thank you for being my comforter
If I knew I had to fight on my own
Why is it that our …

She Shot

I supply you with words like these
noting your enjoyment in an eclectic me
Satisfaction awaited fulfillment
Embedded energy awaiting to be free
moments with you are irreplaceable
when I think of walking away, I can't
Heroin, that's you
pull me back in with invisible persuasion
I become a doped up addict
can't enough of your loving' and comfort
Exciting casualties make me selfish
I didn't want to give in
but something about you made me


Tell me what it is about you
That's got me going insane
Every time when I'm around you

I love the chemistry we make
Who would've ever thought
That it would be this way

Think about you constantly
Can't get you out my head
Your mind and being are gorgeous

You make me do some "crazy" things
You claim you are the victim
Now you know that's not the truth

I'm wild, no, no, no
I'm reserved
I attmept to hide but it shows
This is what you do