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scattered consistent thought

(listening to alicia keys: lesson learned)

its been so long
you've made me happy before
sad moments saturated the better ones

i've fallen out of love with you
you've asked me to trust you,
knowing in my heart I barely could
but i did...
again and again and again
i gave you all my trust
dare you do the same for me

We are so done right now
Don't know how I stuck with this so long
I was the one for you and you for me
At one point anyway
Things change, we've change, i change
Saturation of bad habits reveal what is true

there isn't any room for us
gave up my occupation of crying
need to let you go
you aren't healthy for me
as many times i sucked it up
can't bear this pain any longer
and as badly as i wanted this
wanted this to be genuine
it hasn't been, it never was
reminded of where i want to go
and who i want to be
that place isn't with you
given you a second chance
as if there wasn't the fifth or ninth
truly i care and miss you dearly
but you and i were not made for we