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The Chapter Ends

I was hopeful in saying there would be more to comebut I foolishly spoke when things weren't thriving "Animal Cracker Short Stories" has fulfilled it's purpose. Thank you all for staying posted and being a part of this with me.
I thank the one who enabled these stories to develop and flourish- without you, these stories would have never hit the surface. I love you always.

I Was Listening

It's been a few months now and I still wake up with a pain in my chestMuch better now than before after the necessary rest
So tired now of placing the blame, it became my fault too I take responsibility- you see My Dear, I was listening to you Listened to all the tear stricken conversations Dealt with the emotional toil It was much easier to be proud, share thoughts and laugh But the torment, torture and travail needs to run completely through In order for me to piece myself back together Loving you was the easy part I won't mention the most difficult part You should know, I was listening I was always in your corner Undoubtedly and faithfully