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I'm Not Scared

made me fall in love
how I was feeling
left in the cold
told you twice
scared of loving you
don't think about us
foolish heart
drowning while saving you
wont let you
back into perspective
scared of the truth
i'm not scared
filled with blue
impossible tasks
giving in
walk on water
scared they wont like me
not sure of-
too much to ask
make it quick
less painful than before
surviving the experience
scared to try
making it work
if i could i would
not that easy
no competition
claimed love and happiness
scared to give up
its not right
give you the world
shine so bright
postcards from elsewhere
I'm not scared

Packing Bags

Im packing all my things
Looking to get out of here
City way too small to walk in
Im about to quit my job
Pursue my freewill dreams
Have to get far from here
I have big plans
Can't let another moment pass
Im going to prove to you
I wont be the one sitting around
Waiting for the beat of the drum
Im going to pack my bags
Won't be turning my head to look back
I'm taking full advantage
Tattoo my body with adventure
Im going to sell my car
Buy a ticket to Seychelles
Plant my feet in the sand
Im going far away from here
My journey awaits
With you or not

You Become

You become a habit
The more I have, the more I need
You are the strings on my guitar
The slightest touch or flirt
Supplies a delightful acoustic fusion
Addicted to your energy
You please me mentally and emotionally
Your smooth dark chocolate coffee skin
Is a sweet gaze of satisfaction
You become the impossible task
For them to accomplish
But I conquer loving you
You become kryptonite
The way you leave me open
After you take my super powers away
You leave me naked
Your devotion protects and assures me
Ease my mind and cradle my thoughts
You become a ray of light
Kissing my skin
Imparting an exuberant glow

Out of love In June

Slowly but surely
True selves came quick to light
Found it hard to believe
Must have been inevitable

Flag after flag was ignored
Claimed love and happiness
Still I stayed
Must have been inevitable

We dwindled away
Emotions powered on you left me empty
And that was okay
Because truly it was inevitable

"lets talk"

not knowing-
it sounds so negative
irritating not knowing the good or bad
you don't want to talk about it (right now)
leave me with the idea of the conversation
where could it lead or end

fixated on wondering-
you know when you told me
told me we needed to talk
my heart fell into my lungs
my emotions cut themselves out of me
i sat there a little dismembered

now knowing-
now that i know what it is
what it is that you were waiting to tell me
my emotions are jammed-can't think
it isn't easy dealing with it
but i trust you

One Day Soon

One day I will come
Will come from these prison walls
All of your demanding will have faded
Nothing will matter no more
After you see how I have conquered you I will break free
Your damaging rules and concrete restriction
Will crumble and fall at your feet
You will not win this victory
It was never yours to win
You sought to control my move
Your pride made you blind
Why would you try to tain a wild horse
You abuse me and stole my hope at times
Only at times, I remained in Faith
Happiness wet my face
Cause one day I know this pain will ceaseI will break all your fences
Even all the metal ones that you
That you so carefully welded
When I am good and ready
When I see the opportunity to leave
Leave this imprisonmentTarnished with pride, emptiness, and control
I will go, you will see no more
My freedom sings to meI hear it loud and clear
My voice will soon harmonize with the melody
And I will be goneGone from here