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In My Dreams

I love what I haven't seen
Miss a voice I've never heard
Desiring a touch I've never felt
And a kiss I have yet to make
Miss the love letters I haven't received
Miss the scent that you have yet to leave in my clothes
After a hug which I've never felt
But sure enough I know that it's real
Sure to know it when it arrives
Miss you now
As strongly as I did before
You that I cannot see
You that I have yet to meet
You that I always need


The more I resisted, the harder it became to let go
To finally allow love and patience to take over
My heart pulled in one direction while my mind pulled in another
Having my way in love or to think what it should be may not be the right one
Dictating situations to what I thought was feasible and fitting
Wasn't merely enough to prepare me for the emotions to come
Thereafter, before or during, I'd run into someone
Who'd put me on edge in the most admiring and sedulous way
Putting me in a place to open me once again to vulnerability
This time allowing me to fall deeply in love without any second thought
I pray when it reaches it's final destination that I will allow it
Breathe it, consume it and be reassured that this is the one