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the task

it seems like such a difficult task at timesthe question is... do i know how to love i feel at times i do, i feel like I know how but damn if i don't question myself i let down my guard and let love fall in so deeply i give and i give and give some more you became the man of my dreams a man i would fight anyone for it was me and you did i ever love you right was it ever ever enough for you so this is where i began asking if i knew how to love someone after all, i'm the one with the crooked dynamic the black sheep from every which angle

Sucks So Bad

did not realize how much it sucks being alonewanting and desiring a type of love that once was leads me into nights like this when i feel i'm causing the rain to fall
i had no other choice but to force separation i am too afraid to try again, too afraid of things falling back into those imperfect places, afraid we'd hurt each other again
afraid to crumble a heart that's already into pieces
do you know how hard it is to piece together a heart that is fragmented what an emotional and grueling task it is... let's not mention the tears falling that make this process ever more Straining
i didn't want to at all, even when i was terribly mad at you want to walk away, but there were no options and i broke your heart so bad, it was better for you that i started to...
As fast as i could even though it would suck so bad being alone

a Paper Heart

I leaned over to wrap my arm around comfort and instead turned to see my bleeding heart There it is on the pillow beside me... crushed and pumping with struggle Though I try to heal it and bring it some comfort my fear remains I lose my confidence and faith that it will survive Comfort of words and even that brand new First Aid kit does nothing for this