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#2- Clap Off... clap on dang it, clap on

me- (waiting to get in the shower) about time!
him- o please. (he walks out)

I close the bathroom door and jump in the shower. I stand there and let the water beat on my skin like hands on a drum. While I'm there enjoying my moment, I get interrupted by no other than the Hollywood Negro himself. Clap off- the bathroom grows dark. I step back to the shower wall (lots of room to back up right?!). Now I'm paranoid and that punk has me jumpy.

me- what are you doing? hello? honey? what are you doing? stop playing around.
(the door shuts- thank God, he left)
him- silent as a mouse and still as a brick

I finish rinsing and turn the shower off. Getting ready to get out- He pulls back the shower curtain, he shouts and screams something on the lines of BOOGIE BOOGIE BOO, hahaha, I scared you. And damned if he did- FUDGE!!! I stood there screaming to the top of my lungs- heck I had no clue what else to do. And there I was sitting on the shower floor cause he scared me so bad. I could hear him…

#1- a Cold Shower for sure

him- you better watch out!
me- ha! for what? you not gonna do nothing!
him- i'm known to be the biggest prankster.
me- yeah okay and if you do anything, it will mean WAR!

So- there I am getting ready to take a shower. Excited about it and everything. I get in- (where did that boy go?) I lather up some good soap suds... have to get these toes... (still don't hear any noise outside of the bathroom- perhaps he went on to mind his own business... GOOD then). Time to wash off. I step under the shower-head and man does the water feel good. And BAM (a super duper very unexpected load noise)- while making sure he doesn't get wet, the shower curtain is pulled back and SPLASH the water pitcher from the refrigerator comes at me. Ahhh!!! Scared out of my whits, I nearly fall and pee on myself. There I am shivering like a leaf and colder than the ice itself sitting in the freezer.

me- you are such a punk- ahhh, i hate you!
him- hahaha hahaha hahaha etc.
me- how could you? thats okay, i'll…

the Short Stories

So I wanted to try something new- a short story series of my life and the one who domesticates himself in it. With the permission from the most remarkable man in my life, I decided to capture the perks and most hilarious moments of our relationship in hopes of bringing forth honesty to the phrase, "good times." Inspired by him and a very precious comic by cartoonist Liz Prince, I bring to you my story. || While in most cases he's laughing, I'm the one flicking him off because he's laughing. This tends to be our divine nature (he and I). This is the beginning of what I like to call Animal Cracker Stories. I hope you like it!

a Saccharine Lamination

Honey dip wrap you hands around my hips
Kiss me softly and desire more than my lips
Love me strong, love me deep
Almond our bodies and watch me sleep
I thank God for bringing me to you
I thank Him for the Now and what he plans to do
You have me and I'm not going anywhere.

Sept 7.

I've been happy many times before
But none gave me the freedom to be
Fullfilled the way you make me
Perhaps I was scared in the beginning
To give myself with my predicting

But letting go allowed me to see your heart's integrity
My walls fell down, I was naked
For you and the whole world to see
After our first initial conversation
My mind was made up, you had me

the worst headache ever

it comes when i think of you
out of the air or from under the roots
gives me a throbbing feeling
there is no warning or ease
it comes and its damaging
nearly or just as painful as my soul
when you took it away and raped it
there is no befriending you
because i don't won't to be mad at you-
for the foolish shit you did
back and forth between she and i
guess i wouldn't figure it out
over and over again
for the nonsense things you did
hell, for the shit you didn't do
i gracefully just say
fuck you
it comes when i think of you
out of the air or from under the roots
gives me a throbbing feeling
this is the reminisce of you
the worst headache ever

i know you won't

wish you would come and save me
but i know you won't
because today you are in mexico
next week you'll be in fiji
and while the pain is aching
i will be here in the same place
for today or even next week
waiting for you
though i know you won't come

Today is Sucky

Today is sucky
and I am miserable
I have no one to talk to
not even you because truthfully
I know you won’t listen
to the same stories
with the same concern and frustration
So I am alone
for the umpth-teen time again
Not even the four walls I sit in
talk to me
They stare at me
and I stare back
Perhaps they would talk to me
but today is sucky
and I am miserable.