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The Space Shuttle

The actual name for it was 280 Catamaran Super Sonic
But I had to give it a less flashy name
Space Shuttle was still cool and folks knew what it was
There were only 5 made throughout the whole universe
Didn't want Spartans of Space to think I was one to show off
So, Space Shuttle stuck
I remember the times
I was cruising on air over heated concrete
I mean, the wheels on the red and white express weren't even rolling
We were floating
Those where the days
The shuttle was so fly, it could touch the sky
And folks thought it was slow
They thought I didn't know how to steer that big o machine
I showed them, I showed them ALL
I used phonebooks in the seat because I was five foot small
A pillow was added on top to add comfort to those three thick stacks of books
The interior was burnt red with wood grain every where
Those were the expensive kind when the wood grain was added
Mine was top of the line
It was better than the Turbo Python 3000
There was a television tube in it, how rad is that?
Everyone wa…

Before Bedtime

Eyes get heavy
Thoughts of you clutter my mind
Promise myself to bring myself to level ground
Can't tell you all of my thoughts
Some have to remain safe
I would like not to get hurt
Limbs become numb
Stretch and the needles move along the way
Stomach feels empty
It's almost midnight
In some sense, it is normal
What happens next with us
Backing off
Providing you with an adequate amount of space
Expectations of anything
Have left my mind for right now
I think, I think
Those thoughts still protrude
Too frequently perhaps
Have an early morning
Have a long day
Those ecru colored sheets and the
Caramel cinnamon coffee latte tinged comforter
Whisper my name
As I gaze at it
Numbness has departed
What to do with you
What will happen when I see you
Unspoken words I know you carry
Yet you fail to express
Glass of ice-cold water would be refreshing
No energy to travel nineteen steps
Stomach is talking aloud
I ate good...
A few hours ago
I should be asleep by now
I look at my phone thinking what if you call
Would I be awake…


So traditional
Why don't you change
Change stubborn ways you hold
Seek adventure
What's your greatest fear
Could you possibly enjoy life
You choose to be this way
I pray you remove yourself
Demanding you are
Want everything on your time
Life isn't just about you
The circle moves on
Loosen up
Cherish was has been given
Bless the air you breathe
Accept me as your own
Let insecurities dissipate
Fulfill yourself with happiness
Understand the definition of karma
Tradition for you is the safe zone
Step into a contemporary realm
And comprehend me
Step down from your royal high thrown
Let go of the pressure
Release the tension
Its okay


Conversation fell somewhere between the cracks
Buried itself in earth's core
Photographs at one point deserved their frame
Empty frames now sit without purpose
Journal entry type memories
Salted by ignorance
Made our way under each other's skin
And that was okay then
Nothing had to be said or expressed
We had one another in an emotional straitjacket
Gratified communication drew empty
Not enough depth existed to replenish it
Moods would fluctuate
Being mad or frustrated would come and go
Forget all material things that were contributed
The spirit and joy of experiencing one another
Held more value
Time would pass and we'd still have trouble
There was a better comprehension of me
Than there was of us
Hearts would fight for one another
In fear of something being lost
Determination severed into tiny unfix able pieces
No more war, but hurt still prevails
Dismissing never proved to be true
Perhaps it's different now

Remove Me

Here I am
Riding this part of my life
Waiting to break free
I am here to service only
Cooking and cleaning
Whatever is asked
I have no preference
Nor perspective here
Yes ma'am
Yes sir
I am here at your hand and foot
God grant a visible path
Help me to survive
The journey is long
Life for me has become weak
My soul has struggled to carry me
Time and time again
When will it all surpass
I have no say
My duties are my life's credit
I serve an earthly master
I exist in this time frame for one reason
Lord strengthen me
For I know this isn't concrete

Freedom of Religion?

In the Bill of Rights under the First Amendment it clearly states:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Bill in Congress makes it a crime for pastors and churches to speak against homosexuality

American Family Association ^ 14 June 2007 Donald E. Wildmon

If pastors and other Christians don’t aggressively oppose a bill now in Congress, in the near future they will be subject to huge fines and prison terms if they say anything negative about homosexuality.
The proposed law would make it a crime to preach on Romans Chapter 1 or I Corinthians Chapter 6. Or even to discuss them in a Sunday School class. If churches and individuals want to keep the government from telling them what they can and cannot preach and teach about homosexuality, they better get involved …


Make you think
Change your mind
Consider another route
See me here
In your view
Blind your not
Make me new
Sing to me
With your mood
Unexplainable feel
Small notions
Big differences
Obvious attraction
Cool breeze
Nothing heated, yet
Easy flow
Thoughts of you
Scared you
No intention
Question your own wishes
Let them be twisted
What do you want
Fleshy moments
Would it be enough
Question the satisfaction
Pie or the crumb
Little, just a taste
Grab the whole, too much for you
I like the idea
Make no compromises
Selfish me
Wanting only for myself
Smile I do
Laugh, you make me
Butterfly feeling
Happy bliss
No regret, not one
Lion man
Weird print
Beautiful toes
Acceptance of you
Make you laugh
Deny you must
You know what exist
Inform me
Leave confusion by it self
Human addiction
Presence of another
Uncensored glaze
What did that mean
Computer, ofc
Table, jh
Observant you
Sweet time
Would you allow more
Fill me up
Checking me
Clever you
Warn me of affection
Hold me captive
Tight hugs
And more
Too good
Make you think
I know
Healthy r…

Out of Character

Every time I do this
I get messed up
What the hell was I thinking
My hopeful thoughts keeps me sinking
Moments, priceless moments
First time for everything
Look at you notice me
Absorb my thoughts without me knowing
How could he know
How can he see
I'm acting out of Character
It was nothing more
Nothing more for me
Just an experience for me to live
My nose is running
I'm filled with irritation
Damn, I really fell, and I said I wouldn't
I made premonitions
How dumb of me
I enjoy every conversation
Listen carefully; soak in every word
I'm acting out of Character
What do I do
How do I fix me
More than a sexual attraction
Its sensual, intellectual, free, and mind blowing
Water fills my eyes
I don't cry; tears don't deserve such a moment
There is nothing lost
You are incapable of giving me
What I know I want
I'm acting out of Character
My mistake for looking so deep right, should this be my regret
I overwhelmed me
Stay away
I'm no good for you
You don't benefit
*Feel on me
Touch me in places…

Come To Me

I miss you
We met in the park
I watched you as everyone around gave you admiration
I soon knew then I wouldn't be able to live without you
I remember when I used to listen to you on the front porch
You would speak to me
Present words that I understood
Presented words that changed my traditional perspectives
You read me like a book, knew me like the back of your hand
Your story, your rhyme was my story, and my rhyme
You are genuine and I embrace you like a mother to a child
Years flew by
You started to change or you became missing
Help me define which one
Folks take your name in vain
With little to no disregard
I'd get pissed and still do cause I wouldn't know what to do
I tried to preach it to the rest that you were real
They... they tarnish you and I can't shine as quick as the damage is being done
I remember everyone used to bob their heads
With the words that would come through from you
Tell it to the women who try to put you high with their clitoris handed to you on platters
That you do…

Allow the Conversation

I want to have a moment with you to share what has been on my mind. I want to share these intimate thoughts with you because I want us to both be aware, because you are my dear friend. Let us not hide from one another our silent emotions or fears, but explore them to help us understand each other more clearly. This photograph is to represent our friendship, no matter what form or shape we take to arrive to this point. This photograph is to represent deep thought and comprehension shared between you and I. Be the air that purifies me. Marinated thoughts to provide fulfilling conversation. Truth resides between the both of us; the foundation of our present and future. In depth, up close, intimate, clear, stabled, confident, forgiving comprehensible communication is the soil that helps us flourish.

Lion Hunt

Think it was an automatic jump off
Flying of positive vibes every where
Occasional conversations, really really good conversations
Nothing ever too much, but uh...
Real smooth and free flowing type conversations
Laughing out loud, he makes me smile
I think he might know these things
Maybe I make my self obvious
Or not
I say its nothing, and maybe it is nothing
Just good ole friends getting together
I see him look at me and question what the looks mean?
I won't know, true
But I wonder
This whole gig is sweet, fun, fulfilling, and needed
Just friends I say
No commitment , I know
I'd be unfair, and indeed selfish
To think I could provide him a bit of me
Would our faces ever meet to greet the lips on which we speak
The world would bloom Japanese cherry blossoms
And paint this picture of something ideal that
I possibly would not be prepared for
Keeping all on copacetic levels
Because here, on these levels, I'm stable, I'm together
No fear of nothing lost
Living in this exhilarated experience
On this…