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Lecture, Compare and Ruin

It is so easy for you to compare one to another, with little information or enthusiasm about who or what you are comparing.
There is nothing you can boast because you, with shame know little to nothing.
Me being an artist is nothing on any level that you can comprehend because you choose not to.
The disappointment that seeps out is clear as water and is as thick as oil.
You choose what to be excited about, and my being an artist isn’t one of them.
Tell me what I thrive to be, tell me what I love to do, or tell me where my inspiration derives from.
Do you know I like to drink hot tea over Sade' any day?
What exactly do you know about someone you've know all of my twenty-three years?!
There is nothing for me to fix in the flesh. I can only pray. When will it change your blind perspectives?
I cannot change your mind if it doesn’t want to be changed.
Only one person exist that I have to prove anything to, and that is I.
One year can be far different than the rest if I choose it to be.
The wil…

Your Moment: My Expierence During It

I met a young man I thought could be a “possibility.”
I didn’t at all try to force anything, but I admit I got excited when I shouldn’t have. Beginning to find out who he was, he gave me a fair warning; so that when this (these moments) happened, I wouldn’t be alarmed.
But instead, my emotions got the very best of me, because it was something I was unfamiliar with, this is what evolved from those emotions…

Getting used to...
The first time you perhaps ignored my phone call or a text messages that I sent; I was I think Okay with it.
I remember when you told me, when we started to get to know each other, even still not completely, that you would have moments where you wouldn’t talk to any one, not even me.
So now that I know this, and have this thought of this is what you are going through, it bothers me, and it shouldn’t. Right?
So you fore warned me and I say thank you.
Its something I must get used to, would you say, lol?
The problem (if thats the word it really should be called) is that you …