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#15- whats that smell?

it had been a long day. we were hot and sticky. two combinations that don't mix well around your significant other. but somehow, we were managing.  we were in the living watching the tube. he'd been complaining about an awkward smell. so there i was sniffing around for this strange smell. underarms- nope my feet- nope my you know what- haha, nope perhaps the trash can in the kitchen or the kitchen sink- idk
him- i think its time for a shower me- you think?! him- come on, its time, we can pause the movie
we got up and started walking toward the stairs. he being the gentleman (or him wanting to have a better glance at the bootie), let me walk in front of him.
me- what is that smell? him- oh goodness, yo butt stank! me- gasping at his response him- hahaha, im just playing baby.