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Make It Count

-Things are so different now
I'm doing big things, moving forward
Scared and intimidated of whats ahead
-Out here on my own
No one person to push me
Concentrated and focused on one center
-Filled with determination
Filled with something to prove
Filled with enough faith to carry me through
-I want it badly
I can see it clear as day
Anticapating graduation day
-This moment was timed perfectly
HE knew my mind and spirit weren't ready
Just when friends come in as missed ones go
-Doors open
Ones we once knew, we let go
And I prepare my mind for something new
-Far from home
Travel a journey on search of comfort
Humble my mind, humble my spirit to protect me
-Stress not
Walk, learn, and grow
Dismissing distractions
-Flowing weight free
Getting through this with all of me
Moving full force with uncontrollable energy


I think of you often
And I start to miss you
Memories of you and I are like
a rusted nail cemented into rotten wood
I feel lost and I often times want to call you
My pride, my stubborness won't allow me to
Thought I was free of you, but I'm not
Do you think of me anymore, often?
Am I completely erased from your head...