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When You Happened To Me

listen to the words
losing yourself
all i wanted was love
giving up
something new
letting go
allowing time
love you better
seven twenty4
taking time
just like water
always on my mind
when you are near
kissing in august
the way it is
bright lights
green shades
juxtapose this
what happened as a result
when you happened to me

Escaping From- Finding a Way

he tells me that there is no way
but I know there is something beyond this boundary
he poses himself to be the greatest man alive
see I know that he isn't, actually far from it
fingers find their way to a lovely sound, cords being pulled
attempting to cover old and new bruises
kissing away tears knowing they will come again
his goal is to keep me dependent
says I can't do without being independent
who is he to say what i can do or who i am
tip-toeing and slithering in my sheets
tainting my dreams with his determined ways
he will try his hardest to keep me from you
freedom exist beyond me
something much more than i see
but i know it there, though he tells me different
things will change, i can't do without it
i can't do without that change
so i wait, ease the tension by breathing under water