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What In The World?!

in the midst of he and I talking on the couch about a recent netflix movieI said "yeah I sure know how to pick 'em" well instead of saying yes, you sure do, he thought he raise his leg and hit me in the arm but somehow ended up getting me right in the eye I didn't understand- I was confused What in the world, LOL.

Status: Learning and Growing

Things in the past month or so have been going well. Things have been renewed and I am moving forward. I'll write more to this post before the week completes itself. Until then... Stay uplifted.
So much for me getting to this before the week ended huh. That is okay though, for this it is.
Things have been on the up and up. In this process, I have learned that people should not be rushed to conclude or figure out their thoughts and emotions when hit with a serious blow. The lesson I found, is to be diligent; to allow my emotions to be just themselves without strain and sometimes without specific reason. With assistance of logic, many prayerful evenings and heart to heart with my mind and spirit, I have allowed myself to be set free of my own imperialistic expectation. By doing so, I have found myself breathing in and releasing a different kind of energy and it really feels good! Sometimes you just have to let it go. Things, people or opportunity that are supposed to be in your life …

The Chapter Ends

I was hopeful in saying there would be more to comebut I foolishly spoke when things weren't thriving "Animal Cracker Short Stories" has fulfilled it's purpose. Thank you all for staying posted and being a part of this with me.
I thank the one who enabled these stories to develop and flourish- without you, these stories would have never hit the surface. I love you always.

I Was Listening

It's been a few months now and I still wake up with a pain in my chestMuch better now than before after the necessary rest
So tired now of placing the blame, it became my fault too I take responsibility- you see My Dear, I was listening to you Listened to all the tear stricken conversations Dealt with the emotional toil It was much easier to be proud, share thoughts and laugh But the torment, torture and travail needs to run completely through In order for me to piece myself back together Loving you was the easy part I won't mention the most difficult part You should know, I was listening I was always in your corner Undoubtedly and faithfully

During the Day

During the dayI became a solider covering and hiding my pain when night fell, like the day, friends and loved ones left and there I was, alone with my thoughts I crumbled and like broken glass, the pieces sat nearly transparent awaiting for me at my pillow so that when I laid my head down, glass would pierce my skin and I'd bleed The pillow became a place for reminding I wanted to forget

Saturday Morning

It took so much for me to fall for you
so much convincing within myself to actually go through with it
and after I finally did, there was no returning for me
as long as the truth remained gray
started to have feelings for you
then asked one too many questions that led me here
to this emotional state
gray is no longer gray
now clear as water
more apparent as black and white
feel bad that I miss you so much
comforting words ease the emotional stress
I need Saturday morning.

For Next Month

There are 3 (yes, three) short stories in the works. They will be here in the next month. Key words to look out for; window, water and wild animals. Hope all remains well. It's been a long time coming. Your wait shall soon be over. Until then, make cotton "the fabric of your life." Ha.

Recycled Goods: Bertha