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Been A While

It has been a very long while for me. A long while since I have written anything, anywhere. Thoughts rush through my head and disappear in thin air. They may or may not come back again, but this is the joy of thoughts. This is my understanding of how the mind works. Things or should I say "situations" in my life have kept me in a position of me trying to figure out the strength of my own expressions in my drama, joys, tears, and or pain.
It becomes FRUSTRATING to me to know that there are things that could be said, but aren't. How in the devil's name is this shit suppose to come out in an organizing manner where it can be understood to you, the audience just as I perceive it?! I want to feel what I'm saying. I want you to Read into what I type down, so that it may become your own conversation. Life has a way of moving you. Lessons make you wiser. The greatest that I have endured is the best medicine for my life's challenges. Keep it real and never give up I r…