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#7- oh no, poor OBEY

The time frame was Christmas. He and I aren't really big fans on the whole idea but on my behalf, I wanted to give him something he wouldn't forget. A few weeks earlier (December 5 to be exact) there was a show at this fab place called the MKT. MKT was a place that had a bunch of graphic tees, cool ass kicks, its own arrangement of weird toys for us adult kids and an assortment of books (mostly books on rad artists) that sat in the window of this cool spot. Any rate, during an art show that evening a the MKT he takes me by the hand and leads me over to the window of assorted books.

him- if there is anything you could get me for Christmas, it is this- a Shepard Fairey book priced really well.
me- o, okay (smiling at him)

I must admit, the book was kinda fly, okay, maybe more than fly, it was awesome! Over the next few weeks, I visited the store like a crack fiend visited the pipe. Back and forth, back and forth, making sure they still had the book. My mind was more than made up at…

Which Is It?


1984 "photo booth"


Mere Necessities: t-shirt, socks and panties


#6- an Ice Cream Kiss x3

to lick
-verb pass tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, taste or eat: to lick a spoon clean.
2. in other words; to ice cream my face: to make extremely wet without notice.

Its a Friday afternoon and we're sitting on the couch watching some program on television. While sitting there we get into the whole cuddling mode and boy is it nice. I get up and sit myself facing forward on his lap. I'm looking at him and he's looking at me. I go in for an anticipated kiss- only centimeters from my lips touching his, he ice creams me. That's right, he freakin licks me. My chin, lips and nose are wetter than... well you get the drift. I'm looking at this punk and say "You are such a jerk."

A few weeks later we are walking around the house doing our own thing. I catch his eye catching mine, we walk toward one another and give each other a hug, we look into each other eyes and lean in for a kiss. Little does he know, I remembered the time on the couch and said to…

#5- I wasn't finish Praying

It has become our mantra in most unvarying cases to pray between 0720 and 0736. At this time of morning he is on his way to work while I am just waking up or in the process of making the bed. I thought everything was going pretty well this morning until he did the unthinkable-

me- "Heavenly Father, thank you for all that you do for us though we may not deserve it. Thank you for allowing us to get up this morning with legs to walk, hands to touch, a mouth to speak and eyes to see your glorious creation and the life you continue to give. Please watch over us on the what may seem to be a stressful morning- another new day of a busy work week. Watch over those who are driving this morning. Give my honey and those around him traveling graceto and fromtheir destinations. Look over ourfamily and..."
me- (appalled!) excuse me, did you just say Amen? I wasn't finished praying.
him- o you weren't? my bad, i thought you were done.
me- um no- i wasn't.
him- o, well, i…

#4- bottle of Water instead

Picture this- A fall night in Charlotte, NC. It's gallery crawl night in Charlotte's uptown art district. The weather is on the nippy side, but who cares- the galleries were loaded. | This was my first "big" opening as a professional artist... I began walking around, observing how the crowd responded to the work hung on the chalk white wall. As I gasped in glory at this moment, folks crowded in. On a small table that centered the gallery were two bottles of wine, one white, one red. Beside the wine were two silver bowls, one filled with peanuts, the other with chocolates. I figured this was a big night, so hey, why not. I poured me a glass of red wine.
him- (introducing his co-worker to me) hey, this is my significant other and artist, Tomika Elise. me- thank you for coming out, how are you? nice to meet you. (indulging myself in the conversation).

While during the conversation my right hand gave its attention to holding my glass of wine, it shared its pleasure by holdi…

#3- the Towel Popping

I'm standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I suppose the meal I made was good, at least I didn't hear any complaints. He is in the living room looking at t.v. He comes in the kitchen with his glass. I'm thinking he's going to refill on whatever he was drinking and then leave. Instead he puts his glass on the counter, walks behind me, puts his hands around my waist and kisses me on the cheek. He then walks into the den to look at some photographs. Anyway, I'm going on about the task at hand. POP

me- what the hell? come on already!
him- doing what he does best- laughing.
me- just shaking my head.POP -screaming his name, ahhhh!!!

I start running around the house, and there he his, right on my tail. After about three or four times around the house, he slips (ha), I get a lead and head for the bathroom. I hear him getting up and heading toward my direction. Slam goes the bathroom door. While I catch my breath, I put my ear to the door and listen for any movement on th…