My people
Why do you turn to closed doors
How far will you go
How far can you get
Turn to me, let me explain life
Know who you are
Don't be who you aren't
BE the most original
BE your own leader
Your own decider
Allow not the screen to rule
To rule your perception
Allow it not to influence you
Its not so important
Love you more than what others might give
Sing your own tunes
Form the difference in your life
My people
Our young are dying
From lack of knowledge
Malnutrition of spirit and mind
Make us okay
Provide a future
Stop making excuses
Our children don't have to suffer the pain
Who asked their opinion in regards to
Taking this life on
Keep them away from ignorance
As best as you can
Up their standards and expectations
Give them treasures
Show them self worth
Explain fighting won't solve everything
My people
Provide a way
Young girl, close your developed thighs
Develop the mind first
You have not yet mastered any womanhood
With your legs wide open
Know that those treasures are not irreplacable
My people
Look out for our daughters
Teach them
Teach all our children
Let logic work
To better us


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